Montag, 8. März 2010


(Ranya in Russian Vogue)

words are unnecessary.


on saturday my little sister and I went to the cinema to see Tim Burton's new movie based on the Alice stuff.
I don't know what I expected, I guess I expected nothing but just hoped it wouldn't be bad, 'cause I love Alice's Adventures in Wonderland so much and I like Tim Burton, and I just hoped he wouldn't spoil the stuff. I know it sounds strange that I was worried about that even though I usually like his work, but well, I don't need to explain it... (._.")
So, I was happy really happy about the outcome.
Well, the "real" Alice stuff is a little chaotic in the movie, but I think it's ok 'cause for me (personally) there were some happy-making messages in the movie.
Haha, I know it might sound weird, but well, it made me happy, so...( ^^)"

And Mia was SO pretty as Alice.
And Mr. Depp was so wonderful as Mad Hatter, I have always imagined Mad Hatter rather looking that good & crazy than as bad and scary as he looks in the drawings of the original book.

Sonntag, 7. März 2010



Christian Dior autumn/winter 2010/11 part 2


Christian Dior autumn/winter 2010/11

(love these oberknee socks.)

(pictures from

I wasn't a huge fan of last season's collection, but this time some very girlish, bright coloured, playful pieces among the autum/winter collection caught my eye.
I love this innocent, dollish look.


have just eaten o-sushi, it was tasty.

Freitag, 5. März 2010


(click for fullsize view)
There is this japanese brand called GADGET GROW I'm really into, and I thought I should introduce it here.
What concerns menswear, this is really one of my favourites.
Well, you can clearly see where the brand (or rather those who design the stuff) is drawing its inspiration from but I like the outcome and well... one can pay it, which is a big PLUS.

Have a look at the campaign photos and the pretty model.
Some of the photos are a little darker, but never gothic.